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Already a famous female DJ in her own right, Lady Gaga nee Stefani Germanotta pulls out all the stops on The Fame, injecting hard-hitting synthesizers and crashing slicks and grooves. From its opening track until it closes, The Fame fails to come up short on funky sounds to amuse fans of this dance genre. However, what carries this album to new heights is the combination of voice and the razor sharp lyrics which accompany it.

Gaga 's sound is no different than that of Gwen Stefani , however her coy delivery of each cooing note gives the album a laid-back slick feeling of ease, which meshes with the dramatic beats that back the album up. In addition, the lyrics which feed the album, especially on the desirous "Paparazzi" or the boastful, vain "Beautiful Dirty Rich," salt and pepper the album with a nasty, club-friendly feeling of fun and feistiness that an excellent, well-produced dance album should have. The lyrics are not any more deliciously entertaining than they are on the title track, which feeds the listener savory lines like "Give me something I wanna be, retro glamour, Hollywood yes we live for the fame.

Plus, the The Fame has it's "ballad," however the breezy "Eh, Eh" doesn't hold water on this album; rather, it feels dry and lifeless, something which holds this album back; however, the infectious "Poker Face" and title track which follow it successfully rejuvenate the vibe on the album for its second half.

Gaga has stated that the eighth track on each release of the album will be different, however "Money Honey," is a galactic number susceptible to comparisons to the album's lead single, the well-known summer smash hit "Just Dance. As the album winds down, the tracks start to slow down, but Gaga 's frosty tones and sickly hooks end the album satisfyingly.

Ultimately, the beats need to end up repeating themselves in places, but in the long-haul, The Fame is in excellent standing for establishing Lady Gaga with a solid career. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. View more. Related Questions Why are bonus tracks never released as tracks within the album? Does it make more sense for new musicians to release tracks or an entire album? What cover versions of songs absolutely butcher the original? What's your favourite cover version of a song?

What cover songs are better than the original and what original songs are better than the cover version? What is that one album you listen to that is so good that you never skip a song when you put it on? It is possible for a band's best song ever to be not included in its best ever album?

What albums have the best cover art? It seems like the first singles an artist releases from new albums are always the second track of the album. Is there any reason for this? How do I know when a song belongs to the B-side of the album? What is the best album with the worst album cover? Why don't music artists routinely just put some good covers on their albums instead of repetitive, self-plagiarizing drivel? Track Listing. Paul McCartney. Getting Closer. We're Open Tonight.

Spin It On. Again and Again and Again. Denny Laine. Old Siam, Sir. Arrow Through Me. Rockestra Theme. To You. The Broadcast.

May 29,  · “Mood Ring” is actually a bonus track from the year-old pop star’s album Glory, which only had an official release in Japan. Now that the bonus track can be easily streamed anywhere.

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  1. This is a category for any songs that were bonus tracks (AKA. Bonus songs on Deluxe Editions etc.).
  2. Mar 04,  · I've always found bonus tracks annoying. Partly, it's the semantics - the first edition of an album is the definitive version, so, strictly speaking, none of its songs can be flagged up as "bonuses".
  3. Jun 08,  · Provided to YouTube by Holding Account 傑作 (feat. 羅嘉豪, 何嘉茵) (Bonus Track) · MFM · MFM · 羅嘉豪 · 何嘉茵 · 羅嘉豪 · 伍樂城 · SP Entertainment 我們的主題曲.
  4. Bonus Track. 2, likes · 30 talking about this · 2 were here. Bonus Track es una agencia de comunicación radicada en Cuba, compuesta por un equipo multidisciplinario que diseña y 5/5(8).
  5. Mar 09,  · Bonus Track Lyrics: Here he is, our little bundle of joy / We did it honey, it's a baby boy / We'll love him and raise him / Till he finally leaves us / What should we name him / How about Adolf.
  6. Nov 22,  · Lyrics for Bloom - Bonus Track by The Paper Kites. In the morning when I wake And the sun is coming through Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetn.
  7. The less code you use, the less there is to break. bonustrack has 13 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
  8. May 16,  · Also, I don't know about other versions, but my CD came with 4 bonus tracks off of twenty one pilots' first album (which isn't sold anymore!) Regional At Best. Those tracks are Lovely, Kitchen Sink, Forest, and Glowing Eyes. Aside from the purchase: This album is life-changing. Tyler and Josh have seriously gotten right what music is supposed /5(K).

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